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Eric M.

Los Angeles, CA

When we started our business, we purchased an Epson based DTG printer. After only one year of use, the issues we were having with our Epson printer, caused us to start looking at the Brother DTG printers. We made the change after our Epson printer started having consistency issues during a large job. Literally, within minutes of having our new Brother GT-541 installed, we were finishing the job that our old printer couldn’t. Fast-forward 7 years later, and our Brother printer is still going strong, and still printing consistent, vibrant, prints.

I have two bits of advice, one is about our printer, then other is about the business. When it comes to our GT-541, we keep it clean. Every few weeks, we take a few minutes to clean around the inside of the machine, removing excess ink and shirt lint. It doesn’t take long, but we have found that simple maintenance to be important in the upkeep of our printer.

With regards to the business side of things. Don’t sell your services short. Often-times, people in our business feel like they have to drop their prices in order to get the business. We don’t take that approach. Our service is high-quality shirt printing, so we charge accordingly. Once people see the samples we offer, selling this point is not difficult. This quality printing not only pleases our clients, but it turns them into our most valuable marketing tool. The word of mouth business we receive far outweighs anything else we can do to market our services.